Beanbean Map

The map in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga 

One day, Princess Peach met with a Goodwill Ambassador from the Beanbean Kingdom at her castle. Much to the kingdom's surprise, the meeting was really an extensive plot to steal Princess Peach's voice. The perpetrator was an evil witch named Cackletta with whom the Beanbean Kingdom had been grappling with for years. Luckily, this attack had been forseen by Prince Peasley of the Beanbean Kingdom. He wasted no time in alerting Peach of the situation. A Birdo agreed to disguise herself as the princess and stand in for her on the day of the attack. The Birdo's voice was stolen by the witch and replaced with an explosive vocabulary. Every time she spoke, the Birdo would cause explosions in the castle. Bowser arrived shortly after the attack to kidnap Peach, but finding the disguised Birdo, he instead lent Mario and Luigi a hand in defeating Cackletta. The trio set off for the Beanbean Kingdom.

Yet, Peach could not travel to the Beanbean Kingdom to notify her heroes of her true situation due to Cackletta's invasion. As soon as she received word of Cackletta's death at the hands of the Mario Bros., she rushed out to greet them. Almost immediately, she was kidnapped by Bowletta, who was truly Bowser possessed by Cackletta's disembodied spirit. After a long battle in the Beanbean Kingdom, the brothers were able to save the Peach and defeat Cackletta by destroying her spirit. Bowser was saved in the process.

Mario and Luigi: Partners in TimeEdit


Princess Peach arrives from the future, as told to the Mario brothers by Toadiko in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

Years ago, the Mushroom Kingdom was invaded and conquered by a race of aliens known as the Shroobs. Growing tired of life on the toxic, barren Planet Shroob, they discovered the Mushroom Kingdom, and set out to conquer it using their expansive military.

One of the first targets was Princess Peach's Castle. The Shroobs began to set base there after a brief encounter with the future Princess Peach, who had traveled back in time via a Time Machine. The princess trapped the Elder Princess Shroob inside the Cobalt Star, which powered the machine. Peach then destroyed the artifact and spread the Cobalt Star Shards throughout the kingdom. The rest of the invasion and the search for the Shards was carried out by Princess Shroob, the elder's younger sister.

As the Shroob invasion spread, the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom fled, leaving entire towns, such as Toad Town, nearly desolate. A number of unfortunate Toads were captured and brought to Toadwood Forest, where their vim was sucked out of them to create fuel for the Shroobs' war fleet of Shroob UFOs.

The Mushroom Kingdom was saved by Mario and Luigi, then Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, and their future selves. During the storm of Shroob Castle, previously known as Princess Peach's Castle, the younger Princess Shroob was defeated. The Elder Princess Shroob escaped from the Cobalt Star as a result of the reunion of the Shards, was defeated, and then was taken to the future in the form of a purple Mushroom. A stream of baby tears came through the Time Holes from the future and destroyed the handywork of the Shroobs, returning the kingdom and its inhabitants to their previous state. However, the physical destruction remained. The kingdom began reconstruction, finishing at a later date.

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